Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Talk

Tage wearing Uncle Mike's nerd glasses 
 At the pumpkin patch!
Tage and his cousin Jossie
 Tage's first day of preschool. 2011.
 Mom and Tage at Bonsai
 Tage LOVED the fair in Idaho!
 Tage and I went on a date to Cars 2!
 At the gateway playing in the fountains!
 There is not a lot Tage likes more then swimming in St. George!
 This never happens in the car!
 Tage being a cool dude.
Tage and Cohen are best buds.


Today was Tage's first talk in primary.  It was so cute and he did such a good job.  He is such a little social butterfly, he wasn't nervous at all.  He just got right up and said everything I told him too.  He is so dang cute.  Every time I pick him up from primary they always tell me he is always so good in primary and I will have random people come up to me after church who are in primary and tell me funny things he says and does during primary and class.  He is a pretty funny kid and I think most people get a good laugh from him.  He is so smart and always acts a little older then some of the kids his age.  Anyways, they spotlight the kids who do the talk and I thought I would share what his spotlight was.  They asked what Tage does really well choosing the right.  My answer is he is always good at sharing.  He shares with everyone.  He knows how to take turns, and how to be nice when someone else wants something he has.  He is BY far our best little share-er in our family.  It's nice I can ask him to share something with his sister or brother and he doesn't have a fit about it.  Most the time I don't even have to ask him to share.  The next question was what are somethings he enjoys to do.  Answer to that is he LOVES to be outside.  He loves to ride his bike, can ride with NO training wheels, and he loves to play with his friends.  He thinks he needs to play with friends all day everyday.  He has recently gotten more into coloring and painting.  He has never really been into crafts but now he will go into his room and color for hours.  He is really good too, and very creative.  The last question was what was something funny about him as a baby .  When he was a baby he would dance to just about anything that was playing.  But where he loved to do it the most was in the car.  He would dance so hard in the car I would be at a stop light and he would shake my whole car from moving back and forth so much.  He has always had quite the personality.  He is always quoting things from movies and has so many things memorized.  He is such a sweet, smart boy and we are so glad he is part of our family!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The name says it all.  Cohen is trying REALLY hard to be my last kid.  He is such a stink!!!!!!  This is how my last 24 hours has gone: Cohen broke his crib(don't ask me how, I don't know).  We went and got him a big boy toddler bed and for the first 4 or 5 days he slept great in it.  He has always been a super good sleeper so I wasn't worried about putting him in a bed.  Well after a few nights of him getting up like 4 times a night we went and got a portable crib from my parents and decided to put him back in it.  I think he has never realized he could get out of bed and once he did its been all downhill.  UGH.  So then he figured out how to get out of the small crib so he just hops right out and goes to the door and screams and cries til we get him and put his back in bed.  Then it happens 3 minutes later.  Super fun.  So anyways, last night Cohen would NOT go to bed.  Between Tj and I we had probably gone in there 5 times to put him back in bed.  So after a solid hour of him screaming and crying I finally went back up, laid him back down, and sang him songs to calm him down.  As soon as I get him calmed down, Tage comes into the room with throw up in his hair, ears, all over his pajamas....everywhere.  So then I clean up chunks of barf all over every single sheet, pillow, blanket, stuffed animals on Tage's bed.  Throw him in the shower, start more laundry and an hour later I had him cleaned up and back to bed.  Fun stinking night.  Then this morning Cohen started out early with his Cohen-ness.  I was trying to make the boys muffins and didn't notice he took a whole box of Cheerios out of the pantry and threw the whole box all over my whole family room.  Not a couple, an entire box.  Finished cleaning that up, finished cleaning up my barfy laundry then Cohen gets in the fridge and dumps out a thing of Parmesan cheese.  And then throws ice all over the tile too.  He gets on top of my counters and plays in water 80 percent of the day.  Screams and cries and lays on the ground like 15 times a day if i wont let him eat jam out of a jar.  So anyways after cleaning all morning we go to my mom's so I can glue together a decoration he broke and while I am doing that he goes into the bathroom and get a tampon(used not new) and walks out sucking on it.  I SWEAR IS THIS FOR REAL.  Then after this has a few more tantrums because I won't let him get a treat at the gas station, etc.  Blah.  Then finally tonight I just gave up and let him trash the house.  He has measuring cups, ice, crackers, all our DVDs out, toys he doesn't play with all over the house.  Now I finally got them to bed, Tage is upstairs coughing so pretty sure that will lead to more throw up any minute and I was really planning on working out tonight but now I am pretty sure all I feel like doing is drinking a 100 ounce diet coke and chewing on Prozac. :) (IF ONLY)  This pretty much describes every day of my life minus the 2 blessed days a week I get to go to work.  Oh I love my job.  If only being a mom was as easy.  Does this sound like any other mom's out there life?  Or just mine, who knows.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I love all the ideas, but feel like I never have any time to do them.  And who does really?  I don't get it.  But during Cohen's nap today I copied this from Pinterest.  I would really like to do something like this every year so that I can always remember what they were doing at certain ages.  It really goes by so fast!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miss this baby.

 Cohen 2 weeks old
 Cohen 1 year old pics
Almost 2! When did he get sooooo big!

I have been uploading all our pictures on our new computer and just came across all these pictures of Cohen. I still picture him as my little baby but wow he is getting BIG!  So sad!  He has been such a fun baby...way easier as a baby then he is now:)  He was such a good, calm baby now he is a wild little man.   But with such a sweet side to him.  He loves Mickey Mouse, his babies(blankets), watching Spongebob, and he love to give Loves(kisses and hugs).  He wants to do everything his big brother is doing and follows him around everywhere.  Cohen is a little daddies boy.  He sure does love his dad.  Sometimes when I do laundry he will carry around one of TJ's shirts and says "Daddy, daddy,daddy."  He is such a sweet little guy and we LOVE him!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Family Pictures November 2011

 Brindy 6 1/2
Tage 4 1/2
 Cohen 20 months

 This is my favorite! I love Cohens cute cry face!
We had our family picture taken in November.  They turned out really cute!  I was going to send out Christmas cards but ran out of time.  Some day I will have enough time for Christmas cards! Anyways here are a few I loved.  We didn't get a ton of pictures where Cohen wasn't crying! It was freezing and he was tired, which is not a good combination!


So 6 months of so ago I had a mishap with diet coke and my mac and haven't had a computer for that long!!!  My sister, Erin, is having a baby in a couple months and I get to babysit her til she gets done teaching for the year.  So anyways Erin gave me her computer in exchange for babysitting! I think I got the better deal.  We have been super busy!  Sad Christmas is over but excited for what this year will bring us! I haven't gotten any of my pictures downloaded yet so I will do another post of what's been going on the last 6 months!