Saturday, March 24, 2012

My little Co Bear.

Cohen turns 2 on monday and I cannot believe how fast it has gone by.  He is such a little sweet heart.  He is seriously the funniest little 2 year old around.  He talks constantly!  He loves his daddy.  He loves Cafe Rio, all things candy, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  He has such a good memory.  If we are in a parking lot and Cohen sees a black car that looks like TJ's he is always looking for daddy.  He loves basketball.  Well, balls in general.  He loves to get everything he wants, and have HUGE  temper tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants.  He loves his 2 blankets, we usually have to carry them around everywhere and he calls them his babies.  He loves the Justin Bieber song BABY.  We have to listen to it on my phone pretty much every time we are in the car.  He loves the spongebob opening song, but doesn't watch 5 minutes of TV.  He runs around like a little crazy man all day.  He says thank you constantly.  He knows how to un baby proof almost anything, except the white door knob handles!! Which now keep him where he supposed to be.  Every time we go to leave somewhere he asks us if he can drive.  Like for real, he wants to drive and is very offended we don't let him drive.  He is such a little social boy.  Every time we were out he says HI to every person that we see.  He goes up to strangers and makes sure they know he is there.  He loves going to the park, although he won't really go down slides and doesn't want to swing.  He just loves to run around and go up and down the stairs.  He is obsessed with taking showers.  He would take 5 showers a day if we would let him.  He dances to any beat he hears.  I was in the beauty supply a couple weeks ago and a song came on he loves to dance to and he stood up in the shopping cart and danced like crazy for the whole song.  All the girls know him by name at the beauty supply I go to because he always talks to them.  He says his name is Tennis.  For some reason Cohen sounds like Tennis to him.  He knows everyone's names, but his own.  He calls pop Tattoo.  No idea where that came from either.  He is very loving and always telling TJ, Tage, Brindy, and I that he loves us.  He NEVER wears shoes.  I put them on, he takes them off.  Somedays I give up and let him go barefoot all day.  He is very picky about what he wears.  He loves basketball shorts.  He calls them his balls and is very upset if I make him take them off.  He won't go to nursery by himself so Tj or I have to go every single week.  He loves his babysitter Becky, and talks about Emmet, her son that is just a few months older then him, all the time. He loves his aunts and uncles.  He will randomly just say one day, "Todd so funny mommy." His favorite babysitter is probably Aunt Syd.  But mostly he loves his Grandma( who he calls mom-mom), his Papa, his Mimi, and his Poppy.  He always tells me when he thinks he is going somewhere, "Be back now Mommy" which I'm sure means, be back later haha. We sure love this little guy.  He is so sweet, wild, crazy, and cute and we wouldn't change him for anything!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good days.

March 2012
Sept. 2010
Today I had a color cancel so I went and picked up the boys and brought them to the park.  They love the park and the good weather.  They played and played and had so much fun.  Cohen is little Mr. friendly and goes up to every person to say hi and make sure they know he is there.  Tage has gotten really good at all the bars and everything at the park.  I took some new pictures of them at the park and then remembered I had these other pictures that look the same, except how much they have changed.  These other pictures were in the fall of 2010.  Cohen looks huge compared to Tage when he is like 6 months old.  He still looks huge compared to Tage now in the new picture!  They are so cute and we are so happy the weather has been so good to we could go to the park and enjoy the sun!!

Mar. 2012
Sept. 2010

Mar. 2012

Mar. 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

What we have been up too...

I just wanted to post a few things we have been up to the last couple of months! Nothing too exciting, just getting ready for summer and having fun going to St. George!:)

Cohen got his first black eye.  Haha.  He had a huge black eye from falling for like the last week and everywhere we went people asked him how he got it.  He is a rough and tough little man.

 We took Jessica to get her ears pierced! Yay Jess!!! Only took her almost 19 years.  

 Tonight was my dad's birthday.  We took him to Tepanyaki for dinner tonight and had a lot lof fun.  My dad is the BEST.  He is the hardest worker I have ever known and will do anything to help out anyone.  He has always been over to help us with things at our house, to mow or lawn, or to play with the kids.  He is the best dad and pappa anyone could ask for.
 Dana and Nic got engaged!!!  They got engaged on friday and are getting married August 3 in the Bountiful Temple.  We are excited for them!
 Tage got his first set of real golf clubs and is so excited to start golf lessons in May and and go golfing with the big boys in St. George.