Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The rest of September

How is it already the end of September?  This month has flown by, just like the summer did.  I am ready for some nice fall weather!  We had a really busy September with school starting and Labor day and soccer.  Goodbye September, HELLO OCTOBER!

 I got to go see the beautiful Brigham city temple with my cute activity days girls.  It was such a beautiful temple! 
 We are ready for Halloween with BOTH the boys costumes already!
 We rode the train to the Gateway one night for family night.  The boys and I have been on the train several times but TJ never has gone with us so it was his first time.
 We went to go get new outfits for the boys bears and Build a Bear.
 The boys love the train and were so excited to head down with their bears.
 Cohen makes this face like fifteen times a day.  I don't know where he got it from, but it sure makes us laugh!
 Tage got to celebrate his birthday in one of his preschool's.  So naturally he wanted to bring chocolate bars, him and Cohen's favorite thing!
 We just finished a month of watching this little sweetie while Erin works in the mornings.  She has been a total angel.  She has made it very easy to watch her and the boys love having her around and are so sweet with her.
 We have spent all our saturdays at Tage's soccer games. Even Ellie comes at the crack of dawn to watch the games!
 Even when its cold!
 Tage is awesome at soccer.  Last game he scored 3 goals! Only one went in the wrong goal, and scored the only 2 goals his team even had.  He has done so good his first year! Jessica has been his coach this season and he has had a lot of fun with her.
 Brindy and TJ at the soccer game.
 I have still been running several times a week and occasionally when we get home I find these 2 sweeties sound asleep.  Cohen always tells me when we get home from running that he is so tired.  Funny boy.
 TJ went to St. George last weekend with his family to go golfing so Syd, Jess and I hung out friday night and did a little shopping.
 The boys picked pumpkins out of Grams garden.

 Tage had a field trip yesterday to the Layton Park.  Cohen and I went with them. We had a picnic and fed the ducks and played at the playground.  It was actually pretty fun!
Cohen missed his nap because we were at the park and he was so tired!  I got him a chocolate chip cookie and he was talking like crazy then I look back because its suddenly quiet and this is what I found.  Covered in chocolate snoozing.  He is so cute.

And that is basically what we did this month! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Splash Pad

 Cohen got a new wagon today at Sams club for his gummy bear.  Tonight we were outside playing and he went and got his wagon and bear and said, " I'm going running with my gummy bear mama!"  He is so funny.  He was calling his wagon a jogging stroller, just like mine.  He is such a sweet guy.
 We went to the new Kaysville splash pad tonight and the boys had a blast!  Cherry Hill is closed now and its still so hot so we went there to cool off!  Tage and Cohen just wanted to play with the water guns the entire time (shocker) and just kept squirting other kids.
 Cohen just kept running over wanting to sit on my lap and then he would say," Take a picture of me mommy!"  This boy loves taking pictures of himself.

 After the splash pad we went to Chic Fil A for dinner.  The boys ate and played in the play place for an hour and a half.  Tage is hard to get a picture of these days! He is always making funny faces in the pictures I take.
When we got home from the Splash pad and Chic Fil A we played soccer in the backyard and played with play dough.  We had a super fun afternoon/evening hanging out! Love these crazy boys!

Tage's First day of Preschool 2012

This guy had his first day of preschool for this school year today.  He is on his 3rd year of preschool and loves everything about going to school!  He has Miss Lesli and Miss Joani this year for preschool.  He could have gone to kindergarten but I didn't want him to be the youngest in his grade so he will start next year!  I am so glad I didn't have to send him to elementary school today!  One more year!


These cuties got engaged last week.  I am super happy for them and can't wait for Amy to be part of the fam!  She fits in perfect and they are so perfect for each other!  Now I just need them to get married and have some cute babies for us to play with!  Congrats guys!

City Creek Train Ride!

A couple weeks ago Syd asked us to go to City Creek with her.  We rode the train down too.  Cohen and Tage love riding the front runner.  We met Tj and Brindy at City Creek and did a little shopping and had dinner.  Then we hopped back on the train and came home!  Can't wait to do it again!

TJ's Birthday!

TJ Turns 33!

When we were in California Tj had his birthday!  We shopped all day and ate at Cheesecake Factory that night.  I had a tooth ache pretty much the entire time we were there so his birthday could have been more eventful but I wasn't feeling super great.  LOVE YOU TJ.

California Trip Part 3

 We had a girls day one of the days and went a got pedicures.  Soooo nice.  Then we went to CPK and shopping afterwards while the guys went golfing.  It was a super fun day.  I have no pictures of us all though...thought I did.
 What is an Allen trip without spending all our money at Lululemon?

Disneyland!  We had soooo much fun at Disneyland!  It was the perfect day.  Not too hot and not very busy.  We walked onto a ton of rides and probably only waited in line for longer then 30 minutes one time, on Splash Mountain.  We started out going on Pirates of the Caribbean, then went to the Haunted Mansion.  Cohen did not like either of those rides one bit.  We did Splash mountain and space mountain, and went on Indiana Jones.  While Cindy and Christine went over to the princess part of Disney we went on the Toy Story ride which the boys loved!  Then we did the carousel and dumbo.  And of course  what is Disneyland without going on Small World.  The kids had a blast and it really was the perfect day for Disneyland!  I can't wait to go back already!