Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glad January is OVER!!!!

I used to be obsessed with blogging but now I have pretty much gotten over that and it has now become a chore! Haha.  So...January 7th TJ got laid off.  Major bummer.  We have been living the emotional rollar coaster of being unemployed(which sucks) and working our butts off to pay bills!  Tj had worked for Transwest CU for several years and it was pretty shocking when he got laid off.  I started working a little bit more just to cover some things and for the last month I feel like I have been running around like crazy...He got a job a couple weeks ago at a company he used to work at and that 2 of his younger brothers work at as well.  This is his second week and he seems to really like it!  It has been a good change and will be a little more money then before( so we definatly cant complain!)  I think he will really enjoy working there and wont miss that bank at all!  We are getting ready to leave on our cruise next week and are so excited!! Cohen is such a sweetie, to make it so I won't miss him as much he has been pure HELL lately.  He is only thinking of me though...right?? :)  We will be gone for 8 days!  More then anything I really just want to SLEEP.  You know you are lame and have kids when you look forward to just sleeping longer then 3 hours at a time and past 7 every morning! WOHOO!  Anyways, thats about all thats going on with us...very eventful getting laid off and getting a new job in 5 weeks!:) So heres to a better FEB! Ill post on our cruise in a few weeks! :):)