Monday, February 27, 2012

My friend is so creative!:)

My cutest friend from high school made these cute things to hang on her boys walls that she saw on pinterest.  I loved them but I am not computer savvy in any way!  She told me how she did them but I was like, okay cool...I'll just order them off Etsy someday cause I will never be able to figure them out!! Haha, anyways tonight she wrote me and told me she would make them and did it in like 10 minutes! They turned out SO GOOD! Thanks Em!!!! PS...... does it make you a bad parent when you can't remember how much your not even 2 year old weighed at birth, not be able to find his birth announcement, and not even quite sure if we ordered a birth certificate?? hmmmmmm......

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I heart Picnik.

I could spend hours a day playing around on picnik!!! It is such an awesome website! Here are a few things I did today!  I am soooo sad I don't have pictures on my computer of Tager.  Back in the day I didn't even have a computer to put his pics on when he was a new born, just all in photo albums. Sad:(  He was the cutest little baby!! Just like Cohen.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun day at the pool

 Tage after swimming!
 This is Cohen's "I'm mad" face.  I see this quite often!
 Co wasn't sure what he thought when we got there!
 Tage was ready to go!
Notice Cohen is still looking at the water trying to decide if he likes it...

Today I decided we were going to have a super fun day.  I spend so much of my time running errands, doing laundry, and cleaning it isn't very often, especially in the winter, that we just get to go have a fun day!  We decided to go to the Bountiful Rec center and go swimming!  Tage has always loved swimming, he has been a little fish since the day he was born.  Cohen is a lot more timid of the water.  He has always been a little weary about big pools.  He loves his baths but doesn't love pools.  We went swimming a few times a week all summer long but I think he has forgotten that...Anyways the pool opened at noon so we went to lunch first.  We went to yummy pizza factory and got a salad and pizza to share and it was delish!  Then we headed to the swimming pool!  Tage swam about 50 times around the lazy river and went down the slide another 50 times and Cohen stayed with me saying no no no pretty much the entire time.  He is such a funny little guy.  He did go down each slide once and I would ask him when he got to the bottom if he wanted to go again and he would yell NO at me. Anyways, it was a super fun day just spent with my boys! No cleaning just fun!:)