Monday, June 25, 2012

How time flies!

 Tage at 1
Tage almost 5 years old

This little guy is going to be 5 in 2 weeks!  I can't believe how fast time has flown with him!  I feel like it was yesterday that I had him.  I still remember being huge and hot and miserable in July being 9 months pregnant.  I still remember getting induced and having everything go perfectly and feeling no pain, which is the best part right?  He is such a fun, happy, friendly guy.  He is little Mr. Popular in our neighborhood and always thinks he needs to be playing with kids all day long.  He says the funniest things and is always making us laugh.  He is a good brother too.  He loves his little brother and loves his big sister.  I can't believe this guy is 2 weeks away from 5! Happy birthday to Tage boy!  Party is next week so I'll post some pictures from that later.

Movies in the park

We started going to movies in the park in Cottonwood Heights last summer and decided it was so fun we wanted to make a tradition out of it for summer time.  So a couple weeks ago was the first one for the summer.  We go with Tj's family and this time it was just Todd, Christine, Joss, Bret and Cindy and us.  Cindy always gets the kids lots of treats and this year she got them sleeping bags to lay in to watch the movie.  We had some pizza and pigged out on treats and then watched Cars 2.  It was super fun and  we totally look forward to it every month during the summer! For some reason I can't find any of the pictures I took that night except this one, I'll add Cohen if I can find it.:)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love these boys.

Martin Family Sealing

Erin, Greg, and Ellie got sealed last night in the Logan Temple.  It was really special to see them all come out together and see Ellie all dressed in her blessing outfit.  I am so proud of Erin and Greg and the choices they have made to be an eternal family.  I am so happy for them and so glad they are part of our family!

ER and surgery all in the same day!

This sweet little boy had quite the experience this week.  On wednesday afternoon Cohen woke up from his nap and went outside to play with the boys.  He was trying to pick up a little boys bike in our neighborhood and his bike was missing the rubber on the handle bars.  Cohen picked it up and it dropped down on his hand and pretty much chopped off his right middle finger.  We rushed him to instacare and they told us there was nothing he could do and I needed to bring him to Primary Childrens Hospital for surgery.  So off we went.  We got to Primary Childrens ER at 6 and had to wait until 9:30 p.m. for surgery.  The poor little guy had no medicine at all and he was in so much pain.  It was probably one of the most traumatic things a kid or a parent could go threw.  It is awful to see your kids go threw anything like that!  His surgery went good and we ended up being there like 4 more hours and then took Cohen home with us.  His hand has been sore. But he is doing good.  We love this little guy and are so glad he still has his finger!:)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June happenings, so far!

 The first sunday of June Greg and Erin blessed Ellie.  It was super cool to see Greg do his first baby blessing and he did such a great job!  We love our little Ellie belly.

 Tage and Cohen got to play with my cousins kid.  Tage and Hudson are only a couple day apart and have always loved playing together.  The younger ones don't know each other as well though.  What a fun day!
 We just got back from another trip to St. George this weekend.  We always have so much fun down there.  Tage, Brindy and Cohen just swim and swim the whole time.  Cohen likes to just walk around the pool and put his feet in every once in awhile but Tage and Brindy were in the pool most of the time we were down there.

 Tage loves to have people throw him in the pool for some reason, and this trip he learned how to do front flips off the side of the pool.
 We went to Fiesta Fun again and the kids had a blast! We did bumper boats and go carts and then played some games inside.  Tage wanted to drive the bumper boat himself so he had his very own one and he was pretty funny about driving it.  It went in a lot of circles.:)

 Last night we finally had Mimi's birthday dinner.  It was awhile ago, but everyone had a million things going on so we just barely got to her birthday dinner last night.  We went to Bonsai, which is pretty much our favorite place to eat.  Tage and Cohen ate more food then I have ever seen them eat.  Especially Tage.  I though he was going to throw up afterwards because he ate so much!

 Here are all the Allen kids/wifes/girlfriends.  Cindy for some reason isn't in any of the pictures I got from her dinner!  We have a lot of fun with our families.  And baby Joss below is about to be 1 now!  She is my other niece! We love her to pieces!!!

May happenings...

 I threw this picture in because I think it is so cute.  We were in the car wash a few weeks ago and Cohen asked Tage to hold his hand because he gets totally scared going threw the car wash.  When we got out Cohen said,"Thank you Tage, hold my hand, thank you."  They are so fun, when they get along:)
 Tage started gymnastics in the fall just to have something to do during the winter.  He ended up totally loving it and I'm sure it will be something we keep doing.  He had a little end of year performance and did so cute!
 We had so much fun over Memorial Day weekend.  We went out on a super fun double date with my sister Erin and her husband on friday night.  On saturday night we went out with all of TJ's siblings.  We went to city creek and walked around for a little while and then went to dinner.  It was such a fun night!
 On sunday Tage went to Idaho with my parents to go visit my grandma and we went on a walk up by the Bountiful Temple and ended up seeing a really pretty cemetery and they were doing some kind of ceremony there too.  We love that area, it is so pretty up there!

 On Monday we went to the Roy pool with my family.  Pretty much everyone came and we had a blast.    We swam for like 3 hours, and yes it was cold, but still at least the sun was out.  We had so much fun with everyone.
 After swimming we went to my parents for a BBQ.  It was also really fun!  We had such a fun, busy weekend spending time with all our families!

Tage's Preschool Graduation

I have so much to catch up on here.  We have had a super busy April and May and now I feel like the summer is going to fly by because of how much stuff we have going on.  Tage had his preschool graduation from Ms. Brenda again this year.  It was super cute and always fun to go see.  He is such a smart, funny kid.