Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had such a fun Christmas this year!  It was so busy and I am glad its over!  On Christmas Eve we had a really fun day.  We went to In and Out with our best friends and the kids!  Then afterwards we went to the Gateway and did a little last minute shopping.  It was super busy there and there were so many good deals!!  After we finished up our shopping we headed to the Allen's.  We had Christmas Eve over there.  It was so much fun.  We played games, ate a ton of good food and the kids opened some presents.  We didnt get home til really late and just hurried and put the kids to bed.  Christmas morning we actually had to wake the kids up because we had to hurry and get out of the house and be on our way visiting our families.  The kids loved their presents...ofcourse.  The first thing we did was go to my parents house for breakfast and presents.  We got tons of presents and were totally spoiled.  We had such a good breakfast, orange rolls and breakfast cassorole! It was yummy and we had a good morning there.  Then we had to have Brindy back by one so we ran to Tjs parents house again.  We went and opened tons more presents and were totally spoiled again!  We dropped Brindy off and then went to Tangled with the Allen's.  We love that movie!!!!  Then after the movie we went back to my parents house for dinner...wow. Just typing this all our makes me tired thinking about our long couple of days!  Back and forth all day long!  But we had such a GREAT christmas!  We were so spoiled too:)  Glad its over but excited for next year already!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Party

Tj, Tage, and Cohen went to Payson on saturday to go to Great Grandma Warr( I guess its  great great for the boys) Christmas party.  She has it every year, I have never been since I am always stuck at work saturday but the boys got to sit on Santa's lap!(NOT Cohens favorite thing to do!)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thomas The Train

                            Being under the bed with trains is much cooler, right?
                                              Best buds!:)

                                   Cohen likes it under the bed cause he can eat puzzle pieces without me knowing:)
So a few weeks ago Tage told me that all boys have Thomas the Train but him.  So sad.  He is very deprived.  I went to Toys R us to look for some and it was so expensive and I had already bought his Christmas presents.  I was talking to one of my clients about it and she said she had 2 huge boxes of stuff that her son had grown out of playing with.  I went and picked it all up yesterday and Tage has been in heaven ever since.  He played with them all day yesterday and this morning I woke up and he was in his room by himself playing with his trains and tracks!  It was so nice because he usually wakes up early and has to get me out of bed to watch cartoons with him.  Cohen loves the trains too.  He will crawl after them til he catches them.  I have a feeling we will get lots of years of playing out of these trains!  I was so lucky to get them all!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cohens newborn pics from Little Angels Photography

I decided since these pictures cost so much and i still have Cohens birth announcements in my kitchen cupboard I would post these because they are so stinking cute!  And whats even more sad then the fact I have not sent out his announcements, is the fact I havent gotten one of these pictures printed out! $500.00 down the drain! Haha but at least I have them on my computer!  I really need to get on top of it!:)  Maybe Ill send his birth announcements with our next childs in like, oh 5 years!

November 2010

                                                             Best buddies!
                                                    Twinners?  I think yes.
                                             my hubby is hot, i know:)
                                                                   Tage loves St. George!
                                                           So cute...

                                                  Tages 2nd visit to the dentist! NO cavities again!
                                      Cohen and his girl friend who was too tired for shopping!:)
                                                                     Tage and Tylee!
We had such a fun Thanksgiving weekend!  We had Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  We all ate like pigs and it was great!  The pie is always my favorite part!  After we ate and hung out for a little while we went to St. George.  The boys are so good driving there, probably because we do it so often.  We got there late thursday night, got in the hot tub and put the kids to bed!  Cindy watched the boys while we went to Walmart and midnight to see if we could get a leapfrog for 25 dollars!  I have not really done a lot of black friday shopping and probably wont to it again! We didn't find anything we wanted and it took us a half hour to walk out of Walmart.  The next day we all drove to vegas to go shopping at a mall TJ and I found a few months ago down there that we really liked.  It was really fun but so busy down  there and the kids were ready to go after a few hours.  There were so many good deals at a lot of stores so I was happy!  On saturday we went to a christmas gift show in St. George and hung out most of the day and went home that night so we could miss the storm! It was such a good weekend!

October 2010

We had such a fun October.  Tage was a fireman, Brindy was the white witch( from some movie I have never seen ) and Cohen was a bear for Halloween.  We did lots lof fun things that month.  We went to Gardner Village with Erin and Greg.  It was a lot of fun to go see all the witches there and eat some pumpkin cake!  We went to the pumpkin patch with Tages preschool class and went on a hayride and had a picnic.  Tage and Cohen both loved it!  Tage also had a cute Halloween program for preschool where they sang and danced. And to end it all we went to St. George to see Thriller with the Allens!  The kids did pumpkins in St. George with Mimi and Tage also carved on with his Grandma.  We didn't do a lot of trick or treating since the weather was so bad but they sure got enough candy! Then the last day of the month was Uncle Taylors homecoming!  It was a super busy and fun month!