Sunday, November 25, 2012


 This year we had Thanksgiving with my family.  We have always gone to St. George every year since we have been married so it was nice to stay home and relax this year!  We started off the day doing our first 5k with the family.  We decided this was going to be a yearly thing it was so much fun.  We went running on a trail by Mike and Megan's house and then went back to their house to eat breakfast together afterwards.  Tage rode his bike and Mike pushed Cohen is the stroller and Mike and Tage won first place. 
 The weather was beautiful!  Hopefully it is this warm next time we have our 5k.  
 We all went home to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner and then headed back to my parents house.  Dinner was so good and we had such a fun and relaxing day.  We all have so much to be Thankful for. I am so thankful for our amazing families that we get to live so close to.

TJ and I both had the whole weekend off after Thanksgiving.  We did some shopping, went to the temple, saw Twilight, went to Chuck E Cheese, and ate out...pretty much every meal.  We had an awesome weekend off work and all spending time together.  Can't wait for Christmas now!

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