Sunday, November 25, 2012


 We went sledding a few times when we got snow a couple weeks ago and had a lot of fun.  Tage loves sledding and is a wild maniac on a sled.  He stands up and goes down 90 miles an hour.  Cohen is funny about the snow.  He thinks if anything ever get wet he needs to take it off.  So when it snows he takes off all his clothes because he doesn't  like to be wet.  I guess he would rather freeze to death then have snow on is jacket.  The first day we had snow he went up to his room and came down in his swim suit and pretty much wore it all day. Anyone who know Cohen knows that everything is a huge fight, so I figured instead of fighting about him wearing clothes all day long(which is a daily fight at our house) that I would let him wear his swimming suit.  I thought he would get cold and want clothes back on, but he never did all day long.  He is such a funny kid.
Last weekend we went to Scheels for the first time and the boys had a blast.  They have amazing fudge, and an awesome carousel and all kinds of cool things to look at.  It is the ultimate guys store and the boys loved it!

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